You may have arrived here, looking for information on how to do DYI music for your wedding. I don’t really want to tell you, but I will. Go, rent speakers, hook up your iPod, and watch your wedding reception fail. Unless you’re not doing any of the dances, games, or anything that is done at a wedding, then you’re not actually having a wedding reception. You’re having a fancy get together with background music.


Think about that, one of the most memorable days in your life, and you are willing to leave it all in the hands of a premade playlist. Truth is, if you are cool with that, then run with it. Go for it.  I would still read the rest of what I have written here, just to make sure.


I tell my guys and gals all the time, you need to know what is going on. Once the wedding gets started everyone comes to the DJ/MC for everything. I mean that. Darn near everything.  Things we are not even technically responsible for. Have you seen the photographer? It may not be our job to know the answer to that question, but odds are we know it. Have you seen the bride a groom? “Umm… yes. They are spending a little quality time together before we get started.” When is dinner? When is it over? Are they doing a garter toss?  Where is the seating chart? Where is the bar?  Your wedding DJ/MC essentially gets forced to become the very center of everything that is your wedding day, behind the scenes. Whether you have a planner or not. Almost everyone goes to the DJ/MC looking for answers.


Your timeline, whether you have a planner or not, is left in the hands of the DJ/MC. You want dinner to start on time? Well as long as the kitchen did their job, it is left to the DJ/MC to get things going.  The DJ/MC is the one who orchestrates the whole night, executes the timeline. Organizes the people for the different formal events through out the night. After dinner, your DJ becomes responsible for almost everything that happens the rest of the evening.


That doesn’t even include the music and dancing! I almost forgot about that.  It is possible, that every DJ out there has a musical prowess that will make your reception awesome. The truth is, doing the DJ thing in a bar, club, or private party is all pretty easy. Majority of the people there are the same age. So, the music selection is usually pretty easy.  In most cases, the music selection will appease majority of the people in the venue, if you read your crowd right.  Weddings are nothing like those environments.  Even if you don’t have kids at you wedding, the ages range anywhere from 18 to 80. Sometimes older. It takes skill and knowledge to really get a party going with ages that span that far.  I could bore you with all the details and the process, but seriously, in most cases, the 20-year-old individual of today, does not want to hear the same thing grandma and grandpa listened too. Even more so, the older folks don’t typically like what the younger folks are listening to today. If you have kids under 18, well, that takes it to a whole new level.  Finding a happy medium that will keep everyone happy and flow through the night is an art. It’s a skill. It is not something one develops in a short period of time.


With that said, it requires a live body to look at your guests, see the identifiers, and gauge the flow of the evening. Sure, anyone can play music. Sure, anyone can make a kick ass playlist for themselves. No one can preemptively put together a list that will make everyone happy. Keep your dancefloor rockin’.Unless your psychic, which if that is the case, please contact me ASAP. I have things I would like to know!


So, if you ok with potentially botching the one night of your life that is supposed to go perfect, you go ahead. Rent that system. Get out that Spotify list, and let her rip! In the meantime, someone else will be having a amazing wedding reception. That everyone will be talking about.


All that information, and that doesn’t even cover the MC side of the house. That will be another article.

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