So the other day I was doing a phone consult. You know, someone wants us to DJ their wedding, so I talked to them on the phone. Seems to be the preference these days. In most cases I answer just about every question, and when I get to the end and ask if they have any questions. There normally isn’t any. I won’t lie, it is lengthy, but I pride myself on a “No BS” kinda presentation. This phone call was pretty much the same as every other, until the end. 

When getting off the phone, I asked as always, if they had any other questions. They had said no. I had given them a lot to think about. They had said they hadn’t put any thought into the extra stuff a DJ does throughout the night. They forgot about the MC (Master of Ceremonies) portion. They forgot that someone has to make announcements for everything else going on. This happens way more than I would like to admit. 

Please remember, when hiring your DJ for your wedding, your not just hiring someone to play music. Your hiring someone to actually come in, control the flow, enhance the moments, create the memories, and play the music. Ask your potential DJ, what do they do besides play music?   If all they talk about is how they can rock your dancefloor, and everything related to anything but the events through out the night. You should probably start looking elsewhere.

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