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Weekly Events

Weekly events are meant to build up your slow night. Which means, you gotta give people a reason to come in. All of our weekly services are designed with that thought in mind. Our entertainers are trained to not just perform a great show, but to build relationships with people and keep them coming back for more.

Trivia Stuff

We have 4 different type of trivia. The truth is, not every trivia is great for everyone. So we have options to help figure out what will work best in your venue.

Name This Tune- Starting at $175
This one is a fan favorite. This is for that night that people want to play a game, but they also want to enjoy their night out with out being constantly engaged. A turned based music trivia. Contact us to find out more.

SpeedQuizzing – Starting at $175
No Pens. No paper. Nearly impossible to cheat. Your customers will play a fast paced trivia, with their cellphones and tablets as the tool they use to answer. Not only getting points for being correct but getting points for being the fastest.

Boring old Pen and Paper Trivia Starting at $150
Sometimes you can not get away from the old “tried and true” standard of trivia. So we still provide it!.


Music is the universal language. We love to speak it. You need music, we got you covered. We do not stream anything, so we never need that internet connection. Nor do you have to worry about it going down, if we lose internet. Our entertainers are trained to also promote the things you have going on in your venue. Read your crowd. Not to mention know when they should prob turn is down.

DJ –  $250/Night
Video DJ  – $300/Night
Karaoke  – $275/Night

Discounts for venues that book multiple nights, have their own house system, and select other discounts may be available.

Private/Public Events

Let's make is simple.

Our private parties will cost about $400. This price will get your 4 hours of entertainment( No extra $ for set ups and tear downs).With that said you can mix and match any of the services listed below, in to that event.


List of Services

Video DJ
Pen and Paper Trivia
Name This Tune
Music Bingo


VR Rental
Retro Gaming Rental
Silent Disco
Streaming Services
Security With Safe Sphere, LLC

This pricing is for your basic private event in someones backyard/house, or a private hall rental. Discounts are available for multiple bookings, first responders, military and veterans. Verification may be required.

Schools /Festivals/ Large Events

Due to the complicated nature of these events, we need to ensure we have everything you need, logistics, staffing and everything involved. We ask that you please contact us directly for inquiries. A short phone call, and we can get you a quote ASAP.

Discounts are available for multiple bookings, first responders, military and veterans. Verification may be required.

***NOTE: Pricing is subject to change based on availability, high traffic dates, and specific entertainer requests. ***