The First Step to you joining the crew starts here!

Awesome! You want to work with us!

Let us start with this. This is a position that requires you to want to do it. It is not just a job. It is not just a thing you do to make money.  If that is all you are here for, you will want to find another place to do this.  There is a degree of heart, passion and willingness to continue to grow in order to be successful at what we do. 

You should also know, we are more than just a DJ company.  If your goal is to come in and mix and blow us away. Don’t. While that is a great skill to have, that is not the #1 skill we are looking for. 

Lastly,  if you have any inclination that you are going to be able to pick this up and quit your day job.  Lose that mindset right away. Truth is, you have to be really good at what we do to make that happen. It is not something that happens overnight. Most entertainers never get to see that in their lifetime.

If none of that turns you off, or scares you away. Then fill out the screener below. it will take at least 10 minutes out fill out. Could be more.  

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