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Join DJ Jerry AKA DJ Scail on his adventures in the gaming world. He totally sucks at alot of games, but that in itself makes it fun to watch! 

Join DJ Anthony AKA TwanMAckay on his adventures in the gaming world. He is actually better at most games then Jerry. How ever, we can not get Jerry to admit it.  

This guy is alll fun and games, until someone really does something dumb. Then he is angry. Funny, you wouldn’t expect it.

DJStevieC123 – To watch, or not to watch, that is the question. There is no question, just go watch him!  He is one of the newest additions to the gaming crew and the DJ staff! He has yet to disappoint!

DJ Nathan! You know this guy, he does it too! Although he is timid in real life, watch him till he loses his cool. Then it gets real interesting! 

Coming Soon- 
A new player 1!