Book your own online SpeedQuizzing or Name This Tune! Special Pricing for Insiders and Subscribers only!

Cyber Special has been extended for Insiders and Subscribers!

If you missed our cyber week special, you still have a chance to cash in on it! We are extending the special to insiders and subscribers until January 15th, 2021.  Your event does not need to occur by then, only needs to be booked.

Play trivia, with your friends and/or family from home. Kick back and have some fun. We will even throw in a 10% off any of our services for the winner! That values at $5.00 to $200!        

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Things to remember, you will need two devices. One for Zoom and one for the new SpeedQuizzing Live app. Now available in IOS and Android! 

  We miss you all! 
The entire staff at  J Sabol Entertainment

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Don’t know what Name This Tune is? Check it out!