So I took this morning to make phone calls. I called around to several of the probate courts to find out what the status is regarding marriage licenses. Much to my surprise, it was a lot better of an experience than I anticipated. It would appear just about every court is still issuing marriage licenses. Some have instituted restrictions but most of them are business is usual. Please see my list below with notes regarding the appropriate County. I write this today March 30th, 2020, and can say I have verified all of this information as of 10:00 AM this morning.  In most cases, first responders and  those with immediate needs and special circumstances will be the first to get their licenses.

Cuyahoga County can get their marriage license online. They would like you to start by pre-registering online via . Once everything is ready, they will need you to use Skype to do the face to face portion, and you will need a printer to print your documents.

It is by appointment only, and a case by case basis. Couples that can show proof they were originally getting married during this time, can do so with a letter from your officiant, and/or supplying proof on invitations or some other method. They are asking that you wait till a week or so out from your date to help make everything manageable.

Lake County –  Is issuing marriage licenses on a case by case basis. They are asking that you wait until closer to your wedding date to apply, more or less a week out.
Email them at

Trumbull County – Temporarily Closed due to possible COVID-19 exposure. If you need anything you are to email them. The emails are being monitored – This was a message via voicemail.

Ashtabula County – Business as usual.

Geauga County – Business as usual.

Summit County – Wait closer to your date. They may ask for officiant information. If you get a license during this time and it expires, they will not be free for a reissue.

They are all adjusting the way they do things due to current events. So just be nice, have a little patience and do what you can to make things happen. They have all said pretty much the same thing it is not the end of the world, if you did not already have a wedding scheduled, be patient, and get married when it’s over. If you happen to have one already scheduled during this time, call your local probate court, and they will make things happen. If it is urgent, medical related, or you are a first responder, be sure to let em know!


Jerry Sabol, Owner
J Sabol Entertianment, LLC

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About the writer: My name is Jerry. I am in the “J” in J Sabol Entertainment. I have been in this industry for well over 24 years. I am not a professional writer by any means. This is why most of these articles are more like I am talking to you, then being all prim and proper. The one thing I will never do intentionally mislead you. My name is on my company. The last thing I want is my name to be looked at in a negative light.

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