To all our players, clients and friends. 

J Sabol Entertainment, LLC is obviously directed effected by the viral outbreak of COVID-19. As we are a public event-based company, we are obviously at the whim of the government and how it decides to respond to this. Regrettably we are all at the mercy of the same thing.

With that said, we are at this time forced to make some uncomfortable decisions. The latest press release has stated that all bars and restaurants are to be closed as of 9pm tonight, except for carry out and delivery. This means all our weekly shows are temporarily shut down until the passes over. We will keep you informed as we are informed.  We are working hard to stay on top of this and stay ahead of the curve. Should anything change, or some sort of exceptions be found, we will be sure to notify you. Look in the near future for some new options from JSE to bring you entertainment to your doorstep.

At this time, weddings and events under 100, are still exempted from the ban. This means there is a possibility of things still happening, in a private setting. We will be looking further into that. However, most places will be shutting down, to not have any issues, fines or lawsuits. There is still a real possibility that these things will eventually become banned as well.  It would be smart for any events in the next 60 days to probably have a backup plan. We are more than willing to help you figure out options, just send us an email! We will make plans to connect. 

For those of you who are worried about your big day, please do not panic. If you have under 100 guests or not, start with reaching out to your venue and find out what they are doing as a plan of action. If your venue has no plans of closing, then you should be in the good. For those of you who are concerned, or can’t hold your event where you wanted to, please remember, there are other options. Worst case scenario you can always do it at your house or reschedule. As of the time of writing this letter, The order does not apply to religious gatherings, gatherings for the purpose of First Amendment protected speech, weddings or funerals. 

With that said, we have decided to rework our cancellation/reschedule policy. Regrettably, all deposits are still as per the contract. They will remain nonrefundable. Those have already gone into operating costs for your event.  As stated in the consult this deposit doesn’t just disappear.  What we will be doing is allowing for people to reschedule to another date at your convenience. Since we have added more people to the wedding roster last year, I feel we can safely say we can accommodate all dates moving forward. For anyone who wants to postpone until 2021, we can currently accommodate ALL DATES. I would imagine, if you have an event date past the next 45 days, you will prob be fine. In our opinion, the next 45 days are gonna be there ones with the most unsuriety.

Again, we are monitoring the situation closely, should anything change, we will be in touch! If you reach out, please allow us up to 48 hours to respond, as opposed to our normal 24 hours. Things are a bit crazy right now, but we will make sure to connect with everyone who needs to connect with us! Please, know that our staff is dedicated to ensuring we can make your event happen. If you have an event scheduled with us we will be there unless the state mandates something to be unlawful.

As always, any questions, do not hesitate to reach out! Please do what you can to stay safe yourself. No matter your stance on this whole event, it is happening, and we all must work through it. We are here to help as best as we can.

Jerry Sabol
J Sabol Entertainment

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