Planning your music!

As experienced wedding DJs, we understand the importance of personalizing your special day. However, we have encountered situations where we’ve had to decline to work with certain couples due to an excessive level of music control, such as requesting that every song be handpicked for the special moments and the entirety of the reception. From our experience, allowing for a level of flexibility and trust in the DJ’s expertise leads to a far more enjoyable experience for both the couple and their guests

So here are a few reasons to consider NOT doing that.

  1. Flexibility: One of the main reasons why it’s not recommended to select every song for the entire night of your wedding is that it can limit the flexibility of your DJ. A professional DJ will be able to read the crowd and make adjustments to the music as needed, in order to keep guests engaged and entertained. By selecting every song for the night, you may be preventing the DJ from being able to make those adjustments.
  2. Experience: A professional DJ has the experience to know which songs will be the most well-received by the crowd. They are aware of the most recent songs and the classics that will make everyone happy. Therefore, it’s important to trust their expertise and allow them some flexibility in their song selection.
  3. Flow: A professional DJ will create a musical flow throughout the night, choosing songs that will complement each other and keep the energy level high. In contrast, if you choose every song, the flow of the night may be disrupted, and the energy may not be sustained as well.
  4. Unforeseen circumstances: Sometimes, unexpected things happen during a wedding, like a change in the timing of the event or a guest request, a good DJ will be able to handle those situations by adjusting the song selection. If you’ve chosen every song for the night, your DJ may not have the flexibility to make those changes.

Keep in mind that the DJ is there to provide music for your wedding, not only for you but for your guests as well. A good DJ will take into consideration the audience, the flow, and the energy of the night. Trust their professional experience and allow them to make some selections to ensure an enjoyable experience for all. Remember, you’re hiring a DJ for a reason!