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J Sabol Entertainment, as a company, has been around a hot minute. J Sabol himself has been in the industry since 96′. Yeah, we tell him  he is old all the time! With that said though, he has taken all of those years of experience and brought it to one place. Networked with more than 10 other companies in this area area and 100 around the nation, usually, if he can’t find it, it doesn’t exist. His whole goal is awesome entertainment and being a stress-free vendor for you. 

Add to that, we are not just a DJ company. Almost every member of the staff is cross-trained on multiple aspects of the business, to ensure a well rounded, professional, and knowledgeable entertainer. Bringing you only the best and most versatile entertainer. 

With over 800 events per year, you have to imagine, we are doing something right! With that said though, don’t think your just another number. Every event, venue, and client are just as important as the rest!We hand pick the proper personality for your event, to ensure it is an event that will be completed correctly!

Your event should always go

as expected

Which is why we take every precaution we can to ensure there are no hiccups. So far, over the years, I would say we are nailing it!


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