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J Sabol Entertainment

Things to know:

The Website is currently undergoing some heavy maintenance. Please excuse any issues you may experience.

Currently running a special on our “All Day” Wedding package for $1399

Book by Dec 1st and save $100 on your Silent disco event.

Cut out all the text.
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Next Level Entertainment


More than just Djs

Yeah, we say that a lot. We have to though. We are so much more than your average DJ company. Sure we do the DJ thing as well, but we have an amazing list of services that we provide. Not to mention, our new gaming department! Many of us are excited to see what the think tank has decided to do with this!  

Yes, we do


We love them!

We really do. Honestly, it is one of the most important days of your life. We know that. It is also one of the most stressful events to plan for you as a bride or groom. We do everything we can to take the sting out of planning. At least with everything we play a part in. 

We claim to be the most stress-free vendor you will work with. We have yet to be told we are not! From the inquiry form to the execution of your big day, everything is designed to be as simple and smooth as possible. 

If you just shopping for price. This is the direction you want to go in.  However, if we are just out of your budget, you may want to give us a call anyways and find out why we are worth it! 
More than just DJs!
Yup, there it is again. We have so many other options you can pick from for your special day! Take a moment and check out the extras you can pick from!

More than just DJs


Weekly Events!

Sure we DJ. We do so much more than that though. We def do not just show up and hit play. Be a drone and monotone on the microphone. We do what we can to NOT be boring! All that, and we don’t even drink while we work! Click on the map icon, or visit our events page to find out where our weekly events are at! Maybe find a place near you and BAM! You can experience first hand what we are talking about. 

We do things! On and off the microphone! Check out the "Behind the scenes" to learn more about what we do and tips for your events!

JSE Newsletter Nov 2021

EmailTemplate-Responsive (Optional) This text will appear in the inbox preview, but not the email body. We need your feedback! It is officially that time of year, where we are doing

Yes, you can still get married – Marriage Licenses are available! 03/30/2020

So I took this morning to make phone calls. I called around to several of the probate courts to find out what the status is regarding marriage licenses. Much to

Planning or Re-Planning a wedding for the rest of 2020 into 2021…

Planning or re-planning a wedding for the rest of 2020 into 2021… As we are only a month or so into this mess, I am already seeing that the fallout